New Product Arrival - Uni-Ball Air Tip Pen

• Firstly, the design of the Uni-Ball Air pen is quite avant-garde.  Clearly although an everyday object, much attention had been given to the design of this product.  The cap is transparent, which the "Air Tip" could be seen even with the cap on. 

• The design language on this pen is very much beyond its price.

• What makes this pen special is the "Air Tip".  It is unique since it is not a bullet felt tip nor the usual roller-ball tip but something in between.

• In skillful hands, the Uni-Ball Air will produce writing beautiful cursive samples.  It writes like a roller-ball but the scratchiness.  The Uni-Ball Air-Tip allows you to vary the width of writing by varying the pen to paper angle.

• Concerning the ink.  Uni Super Ink is used.  It is temper proof, quick drying and lays down a rich line. 

• The Uni-Ball Air Tip is available in Blue and Black.
• Made in Japan.

Uni-Ball AIR is now available at our store:
• Uni-Ball Air-tip Pen 0.7mm Tip (Blue)
Uni-Ball Air-tip Pen 0.7mm Tip (Black)

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